Past Foresight Engineering Projects:

Past Projects

Over the past 25+ years Foresight Engineering has provided engineering services to many diverse clients. From major international companies to land developers, universities to fabricators, contractors to homeowners; we've developed cost effective solutions that allow us to meet your engineering budget.

As engineers our goal is to ensure that your project is designed to be cost-effective and efficient. Rather than simply throwing more money at a problem we use the latest engineering tools to provide a custom solution that often will save money in the long-term. A good engineer is not another expense but rather an investment with good returns for both your budget and your peace-of-mind.

Past Projects

When looking at our past projects please note that these are all highly diverse projects requiring extensive knowledge of many engineering fields and design specifications. We provided state-of-the-art designs using advanced engineering software, cutting-edge 3D modeling, and invest heavily in mantaining our library of hundreds of engineering documents, specifications, and codes. Our company prides ourselves in knowing that we have the tools to tackle almost any job, big or small.

If you'd like further details about our capabilities please click here to see the services we offer or contact us by email or phone. We look forward to hearing from you!

Complete Sample Project List:

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University of Maine SA06 Steam Pit
Burlington Fire Station
Paper Mill Truck Dumper Repair
Region III Technical School Addition
Lakeview Senior Housing
Town of Lincoln Children's Fishing Pond
$1.6 Million Paper Mill HVLC System

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